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It helps both you and the Speaker to be very clear on expectations for a meeting. Knowing, and settling in advance, the who, what when and how is very important.

Please tell us in an email or letter the dates and times you are interested in, and which Option(s) below, you prefer. It will also help to give us a brief description of the event (revival, homecoming, teaching conference, etc).

Once all the details are set, whether you choose Option 1,2,3 or 4 (or a variation) to schedule meetings, we will confirm by phone and follow up with all the agreed upon details by email and/or postal service.

Option 1

Some engagements will require a specific amount with a deposit in advance. This will secure the scheduled dates and assure both parties of the booking engagement and avoid scheduling conflicts. There are only so many weeks available and there is high demand for their time. This allows a ministry to purchase airline tickets far in advance to take advantage of the best rates.

Option 2

Sometimes speakers may pay their own airfare and hotel but they will need to be reimbursed for these expenses in addition to you paying an honorarium. You will need to discuss this clearly up front if you choose this option. Tell the minister in advance the amount of the honorarium to be paid. Then it is up to the minister to accept or decline the booking. That will be the total amount you are obligated to pay with this option.

If you are especially blessed with the services and you want to further bless the minister, remember, you can always take up an additional “Love Offering”for him/her.

Option 3

Some engagements may be set up with the understanding that you will take up a special separate “Love Offering” from the congregation. It is agreed that it is not a percentage of the usual offering, but a separate offering. That is their only requirement.

Option 4

You agree to send a plane ticket and provide hotel accommodations for the minister. To compensate the minister for services you agree to take up a specal separate “Love Offering” according to all of the criteria described in above option 3.

May God bless you as you pursue more of Him

Bishop C. A. Wynn Sr.